Indians aren’t Curry-ious

Indian cuisine is probably the most diverse cuisine in the world but sadly the perception is that Indian food is just “curry”. The antiquated heritage of Indian cuisine goes back thousands of years and boasts of an assorted menu of cuisines and not just one cuisine. This includes a whopping 300 ways of cooking a […]

Cuisines of our culture

We the people of India are immensely rich in culture and heritage. We are one of the most diverse countries of the world. With a multitude of occupations, climates, religions and culture, our cuisines do not lag behind. The variety of Indian food cannot be matched by any other country in the world. A plethora […]

College Diaries: Food for Students

College life is marked by awesome food. Some fond memories everybody has regarding college is how they ate at various places with friends. The Indian college student has a penchant for certain foods. They enjoy these foods at food outlets, roadside stalls, restaurants, cafes etc. Most of these students do not stay at home. They […]

Happy Munching

My Signature Food understands the fun and gaiety linked with home cooked food. This is the reason why we encourage professionals and homemakers to sign up with us. Family get togethers at home during festivals or crazy in-house birthday parties include not only laughter and gossip but sumptuous food too. It is the food that […]

How can I do business? I am just a …

Read the Story of Shanti & Ramesh. Can You Relate To Them? Shanti is a homemaker and an adorable mother of two kids Jai and Ria. She was married to Raman, a banker. She was great in academics right from childhood and always aimed for studying in a top tier business school and becoming a […]

The autobiography of Indian food

I can be traced back 5,000 years to the Harappan civilization and I am one of the most diversified foods of the world! I require one of the most skilful hands to be made. Well defined processes make me. Onions are chopped, spices are set apart, vegetables are cooked slowly and I am made to […]

Inspiration time

Many Indians have for long treated guests with love through their specialities: great food. Many among them have become professional cooks: great chefs. It is time for you to gain some inspiration and turn into chefs yourself. You might have been cooking delicious food in your home for long but you are largely unaware how […]

The Makings of a homemaker: Delicious food

Homemakers have for long contributed immensely to the economy in an indirect manner. They do not get paid for what they do, that is, looking after household chores, but still help in raising entire families. So many times, they host awesome parties with sumptuous delicacies and treat relatives, friends or neighbours. All they get in […]